I’d like to post this here, so people can get a more defined sense of the roadmap and what the teams vision is. I think some people were wondering why there weren’t dates and such. The focus is on making Nano a global currency. To make this happen, the team needs all of our help as this is a large endeavour. Following +B on discord, I know that many of these projects are under works. Some are even close to done, but this roadmap was designed to help us all have a clear defined vision and to get involved. Its an interactive roadmap that will be updated frequently.

+B(Brady Napier) Core Team Member – talking about the Roadmap


I’m personally very excited about how this was laid out. My favourite part is the smart card. For those of you who don’t know, smart cards are the chip readers you have on your debit cards. Why is this exciting? This is incredible because smart chip readers are vastly already integrated. All merchants will have to do is download software and will be all set to have the public transacting in Nano. On top of that, it functions as a hardware wallet. I’m roughly quoting +B here but he basically said “Right now hardware wallets cost $50-100 to purchase. With smart cards, the cost is now as little as $0.10. On top of this, +B may have mentioned that Roy Keene developed smart cards for very high level security and sent this link.

I am very excited and I think they laid the foundation very thick for making Nano into a global currency. I hope you all can take the time to thoroughly think through the roadmap and see any areas where we can make a team effort to transform Nano into a life changing, revolutionary currency for the world.