NanoThings – Trusted Representative Node

After some research and harassing of proper developers on Discord I have managed to create NanoThings’ very own  representative node, in order to help community members select a representative they can trust. If you wish to help to decentralise the Nano network you can select it as your account representative(don’t worry this does not put your account at any risk) ;


Representative nodes are basically the networks way of resolving inconsistencies and keeping everything ticking over nicely, making sure the ledgers match and the accounts are safe. At the moment most wallets that we use default to a certain handful of official trusted nodes. The more we can spread this responsibility across other trusted nodes the more decentralised Nano will become(yay!).

How to change representative in

To change your representative node you simply have to hit the “Change” button at the top of the page next to “send” and “receive”. Enter the address above into the representative field and hit “change”. A block will be broadcast to the network then the process is complete. If you are using another wallet and wish to know how to change representative then leave a comment below and I will strive to instruct you to complete the change.

The NanoThings representative node is hosted on Digital Ocean on a standard droplet using Ubuntu and Docker running 2Gb Ram, 1vCPU , 25GB SSD costing $10/month. It can be monitored here.

If you would like to set-up your own node/representative you can use this referral link which will get you $10 credit and help me pay for the node fees too. You can use this excellent guide to get set-up yourself.