NanoThings Community Design Competition – Win cool prizes!

At [**NanoThings**]( we are always thinking of way to engage the community and help bring the best out of this fantastic bunch of people. We are extremely grateful to the community for helping us grow steadily over the last few months and we are now in a position where we are receiving a high volume of product requests and design suggestions.

We want to open this design process up to the community and hold a **Weekly Design Competition** for as long as there is demand.

We invite users to send in their **T-Shirts Designs** via the [contact form]( on our website, or to e-mail them to []( Here is the print area we have to work with [Imgur](, 12 x 16 inches @ a minimum of 150DPI.

We will choose our favorite 3 designs at the end of the week who will all win [**Nano Sticker Packs**](**, filled with bonus stickers from your favorite Nano projects**

We will then throw it over to you guys to vote on your favorite, which will then be promptly added to NanoThings and the winner will receive the a print of their design as a prize and 15% on all sales on their T-shirt.!

EDIT: Included suggestions from Vadim and also reduced timeframe to 1 week! I simply can’t wait a month – designs are too good!