When embarking upon this project it always felt like it could be capable of more than selling Nano T-shirts , Nano beanies and phone cases to fomoing fanboys. This community is an incredibly strong, resilient and conscientious group that have went through the best and the worst of times together surrounding this technology.

This resolve has fuelled a passionate interest in promoting, disseminating and integrating into as many appropriate mediums as possible(don’t read shilling). As a result it seems logical to use 10% of the profits of this website in a benevolent way, seeking to help the community, groups, families etc. We will use direction from the community to find appropriate and deserving projects to work towards and we are truly excited to see the results of our hard work.

It is our belief here at Nano Things that all the people of the world deserve access to a currency that allows them the freedom to spend and move money without incurring unnecessary fees and pointless delays. The nature of Nano makes this possible for everyone, providing the fertile ground for establishing fair and functional economies for the unbanked and those living under hyper inflation.

Miraculously, its revolutionary design also makes it the greenest currency in the world. The digital world had been here for a long time and now we have the very first dedicated cryptocurrency that will actually fit into and improve the real world. So if we can mobilize projects around this philosophy we will consider all of this hard work a resounding success.

This site was created by firm believers in adoption being the key to success for Nano and endeavoured to provided people with one of the first ways in which to actively use Nano as it was intended. You can buy any of the novel items from this site using Nano at the checkout and we want the world to see what a simple and effective process this is.

Let us show the world together the power of Nano, one T-shirt at a time!