Why the Nano Roadmap is More than Just a Roadmap

I’d like to post this here, so people can get a more defined sense of the roadmap and what the teams vision is. I think some people were wondering why there weren’t dates and such. The focus is on making Nano a global currency. To make this happen, the team needs all of our help as this is a large endeavour. Following +B on discord, I know that many of these projects are under works. Some are even close to...

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How Do I Actually Buy NANO?

With the recent exposure Nano has received from its glorious debut on Twitch, and the subsequent furore on Twitter, more and more people have been exposed to the virtues of this fine technology. This has created an inevitable demand that will form the basis the similarly inevitable rise to the forefront of the public consciousness. When beginning your crypto adventure things can seem very daunting and exceptionally complex. The questions that are ringing round your head are laughably basic to anyone...

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Introducing Nano Things: Community Projects

When embarking upon this project it always felt like it could be capable of more than selling Nano T-shirts , Nano beanies and phone cases to fomoing fanboys. This community is an incredibly strong, resilient and conscientious group that have went through the best and the worst of times together surrounding this technology. This resolve has fuelled a passionate interest in promoting, disseminating and integrating into as many appropriate mediums as possible(don’t read shilling). As a result it seems logical to...

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