An Introduction to Nano

An Introduction to Nano Edit: Nano($NANO) is the re-branded name of RaiBlocks($XRB).  The re-branding took place in January of 2018, and this article was updated to accommodate this change.  Nothing else has changed regarding the coin’s fundamentals. Nano hopes to become what Bitcoin, at times, struggles to be: an efficient, viable alternative to fiat currencies. In Nano’s white paper, the cryptocurrency’s development team raises concerns over the practicality of Bitcoin as a common currency.  The concerns are as follows: Scalability issues have users facing high...

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Top 5 reasons why Nano is the perfect choice for you

Top 5 reasons why Nano is the perfect choice for you   Nano (previously Raiblocks) was a project that started in  2014, by lead developer and the most active github contributor Colin LeMahieu. He is the creator of the block lattice, the feature that makes this cryptocurrency the most exciting prospective technology for the near future. It turns the current blockchain on its head by having each individual account on its own blockchain and transactions are carried out between those individual chains. It...

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