NanoThings Community Design Competition

NanoThings Community Design Competition – Win cool prizes! At [**NanoThings**]( we are always thinking of way to engage the community and help bring the best out of this fantastic bunch of people. We are extremely grateful to the community for helping us grow steadily over the last few months and we are now in a position where we are receiving a high volume of product requests and design suggestions. We want to open this design process up to the community and hold...

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Decentralization and Nano

Editors Note: This article was kindly contributed by Twitter user Over the last few days BTC mining centralization has been in the news due to Bitmain allegedly achieving over 50% of the entire BTC network hash rate, entering a position that allows it to censor specific accounts and rollback blocks among other things. Now, none of those are expected to happen since it would not be in Bitmain’s best interest, but nevertheless the issue of decentralization and censorship resistance has once...

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Trusted Representative Node

NanoThings – Trusted Representative Node After some research and harassing of proper developers on Discord I have managed to create NanoThings’ very own  representative node, in order to help community members select a representative they can trust. If you wish to help to decentralise the Nano network you can select it as your account representative(don’t worry this does not put your account at any risk) ; nano_1thingspmippfngcrtk1ofd3uwftffnu4qu9xkauo9zkiuep6iknzci3jxa6 Representative nodes are basically the networks way of resolving inconsistencies and keeping everything ticking over nicely,...

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